Hi, I'm Yuzhen!

pronounced (yOO-ZHen), almost like 'fusion'


Yuzhen Wang is an independent visual designer based in Detroit, MI. His work encapsulates branding in a social space across new and emerging mediums to create visual identities and brand stories that challenge existing approaches to creative projects.

Experiential design and environmental design are met with a specialization in print, digital, and motion identities for a complete approach to branding. Socially engaged projects can be found within the independent design collective, Studio Jawbreaker.


+1 734 838 7671



An ongoing project to promote equity and accessibility in design through free-to-use and redistributable assets and resources.


Studio Jawbreaker is a design collective composed of creative minds driven to deliver socially engaging visuals and concepts.


The Nam Center for Korean Studies at the University of Michigan International Institute furthers Korean Studies through ambitious programming with student and faculty support.

You can find my independent and freelance work on Instagram! I share a lot of content that doesn't belong in any particular place.

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Detroit, Michigan
Phone: +1 734 838 7671
Email: yuzhenw@umich.edu
Instagram: @reppoy

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